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        About LYC


        LYC methodically maintains their quality assurance system, in addition to their advanced inspection & analysis facilities. LYC’s quality controls are traced at source through the metallurgical and chemical composition, mechanical properties ,to production processing into turning ,heat treatment ,grinding and assembly. The process flow is well supervised in order to ensure that their final products’ maintain quality specifications as demanded by their customers.

        • Testing
        • Inspection

        Wind bearing test

        Yaw bearing testGear box bearing test
        Main bearing testPitch bearing test

        General bearing test

        Bearing test labHub bearing test
        Fatigue life testCT Bearing Test

        Railway bearing test

        performance test
        Anti water test
        Fatigue life testDust proof test

        Raw matreial inspection

        Metallurgical microscope
        analysis system
        array detector
        Oxygen and nitrogen
        hydrogen analyzer
        Handheld fluorescence spectrometer

        In process inspection

        Surface hardness depth
        Impact testing machine
        universal testerX-ray stress tester

        Dimensional inspection

        Length measuring
        Roundness Meter
        Trilinear coordinates
        measuring instrument
        Hommel roundness
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