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        Wind Energy

        LYC -- Wind Turbine Bearing Standard Setter in China. Since 1997, LYC has been working on provide special and reliable solutions for wind energy industry.

        JB/T 10705-2007 "Rolling Bearings Wind Power Generator Bearings"

        GB/T 29717-2013 "Rolling Bearings Wind Power Generators Yaw and Pitch Bearings"

        GB/T 29718-2013 "Rolling Bearings Wind Power Generators Main Bearings"

        • Motor

        • Gearbox

          LYC can develop and produce 1.5MW, 2MW, 3MW up gearbox FCL supporting bearings, precision up to P4 lev...

        • Yaw and Pitch

          Yaw bearing is mounted on yaw structure of wind generator cabin base. It is used for adjusting the fac...

        • Main Bearing

          With our decades professional knowledge about wind turbine bearing, seal and lubrication, help wind tu...


        1.Technical support: LYC engineers has a clear understanding about wind power bearing and the entire industry. They provide customers with support for all applications and design issues with computing service, mean that they need to have specific requirements for the industry. Together with our customers, together for their specific problems develop personalized solutions.

        2.Maintenance Services: provide various types of maintenance solutions to reduce maintenance costs, prevent unplanned downtime increase machine utilization.

        3.Bearing installation and removal services: installation is one of the key affecter bearing lifetime. Failure to use proper methods and tools to properly install bearings will reduce bearing lifetime. In all premature bearing failure, about 16% is due to improper installation or incorrect installation technology.

        Quality Problems: LYC has a strong service team, feedback response to customer quality as fast as they can, the first time in person or remotely to help.

        Why LYC

        From 1997, LYC started developed 660 KW wind turbine generator bearings, passed national key technological achievement in 1999. Formulated national wind turbine bearing standard in2012. All along, LYC is the wind turbine bearing leader in China.

        Contact Us


        96 Jianshe Road, Jianxi District,Luoyang, Henan, China




        +86 379 64984176


        +86 379 64912225

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