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        Pillow blocks bearing

        Pillow blocks bearing

        Pillow blocks bearings are consisted of pillow blocks bearings and bearing blocks. When put into use, it's no necessary to design another bearing box, small dimension, simple structure, be able to mount directly on the user's design position by bolts, convenience in usage. Bearing blocks are the integral structure, has big loading capacity, high stiffness, bearing and bearing blocks can be interchanged, means that one type bearing block can be matched with all types bearing and one type bearing can also be matched with all types bearing blocks. Pillow blocks bearing can work in the condition of two bearing blocks with different shafts, the max automatic adjustment angle can be 2degrees. The radius of pillow blocks bearings use "+" tolerance, and are matched with shaft in clearance fit. Through jackscrew on the one side of inner ring, eccentric bushing or adapter sleeves, can fix the bearing on the shaft, decrease the accuracy requirements of shaft, it's very convenient to mount bearings or replace bearings. Generally, pillow blocks bearings use pre-filled grease, and use double sealing. This type bearings are suitable for the dust, muddy water, corrosion media environment, it's profitable for user. Pillow blocks bearings are with high rotational accuracy, can re-grease conveniently. Comparing with deep groove ball bearings of same dimension, its clearance are higher. Due to this reason, temperature difference has slight influence on its accuracy.

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